Carla Bruni, version bling bling

50 Cent ft. Timberlake & Timbaland
"Ayo technology"
Carla Bruni
"Quelqu'un m'a dit"
Nicolas Sarkozy

Quelqu'un m'Ayo Sarkology

J'ai eu l'idée de ce mélange le soir de l'annonce de leur balade chez Mickey, mais j'ai pas mal attendu avant de le réaliser. Bien m'en a pris, puisqu'entre temps, Sarko a présenté ses voeux, et c'est là que j'ai trouvé toutes ces phrases rassurantes et pleines d'amour, que j'ai cuisinées avec beaucoup de malhonnêteté (qui pourrait croire que c'est une FEMME à laquelle il pense depuis 20 ou 30 ans ?)

 this idea came up to me the evening when gentleman Sarkozy took his new girlfriend to a classy, romantic place for loving adults called... Disneyland Paris (it's not a joke, he really did it!!). So I wanted to use a Carla Bruni song and the sad mood of Ayo Technology fits Carla's lyrics perfectly ("somebody told me that you still loved me").
I let the idea mature a bit and that's a good thing, since the new year's speech of our president gave me interesting material to make him say things he didn't say, such as "we've done so many things together, that tonight I owe you the truth : I've been thinking about you for 20 to 30 years" or "I want a blissful year, my determination is flawless" or "I have a taste for adventure and risk but trust me, I won't lie to you, I won't betray you".

(oh, really ? France is not a woman, it's not a case of "love her or leave her")

The debut sample is untouched, though : "tonight, I'm thinking about you, all alone, and for whom this lonely evening, without anyone to talk to, will be an evening of solitude, I want to send a message of hope : no matter what the obstacles, the difficulties, sadness is no fatality".

Oh, the irony... this sounds like they broke up ! well, not yet... wait until he loses an election :)

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