Sugamotor réinvente La Roux

Loony Wise Men vs La Roux
Bulletproof dude

La Roux vs Michael Jackson

The Killers vs La Roux
Smile like you're bulletproof

For you english readers : La Roux ("lah roo") is pronunced exactly like "la roue" (the wheel, in french). On the cover, it's Michelin's Tweel... "the wheel, reinvented".

TRIVIA : did you know that "La Roux" is grammatically incorrect ? Since Elly is a girl, she should have called herself "La Rousse" ("roux" is masculine). Except it's already the name of a famous french dictionary :)
Le Roux, then ? nope, it's a french chicory brand. Definitely not cool.

Androgyny rules !

4 commentaires:

Cris Foxcat a dit…

La Roux is not the name of the lady (Elly Jackson) but the duo formed by her and Ben Langmaid

Sugamotor a dit…

Yep, I learned that the other day, but she's obviously the red-haired tip of the iceberg for everyone :)

Anonyme a dit…

how can i download your songs?

Sugamotor a dit…

@anonymous : in each post, the red text next to the miniplayer is the link to download the mp3.
I added a "download" label next to the red text to make it more obvious.